Why Metal Roofing?

Standing Seam Metal Roofs have many advantages over many other roofing alternatives, which includes but not limited too:

Life time- When installed correctly, a metal roof will last as long as the house, preventing water leakage, excellent prevention from high winds, and easy snow removal. Standing seam metal roofing fire resistant, along with impervious to insects, and with the 35 year warranty on paint and rust that is also covered with having a standing seam metal roofing.

Energy Savings- If a standing seam metal roof is installed with a reflective color choice, a savings of up to 40% in summer cooling costs can be achieved.

Installation- Standing seam metal roofing can be installed directly over some old roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, resulting in cheaper installations costs due to lack of tear off and removal of old roofing materials. Some standing seam metal roofing panel profiles can span up to 3′ between supports which also can lessen the cost of framing and decking for the roofing area. Due to the fact that standing seam metal roofs have excellent water sealing they can also be used for lower pitched roofs without the worry about leaks from the lower pitch (lowest roof pitch allowed = 3/12).

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