Why Choose Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing has many advantages over other roofing products. 

  •  Keeps roof cooler by lower solar temps
  • Durability, available 15 to 30 year water tight warranty and a 35 year warranty of the paint
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Resistant to hail, wind, and fire damage


Panel Profiles

Paramount Sheet Metal supplies and installs a variety of different standing seam metal roofing panels, for both commercial and residential applications. Many of these panel profiles qualify for a warranty if under certain applications; which covers the entirety of the  roof for the duration of the warranty.


Standing seam metal panels manufactured in house or onsite

Paramount sheet metal also offers in house manufacturing of standing seam metal roofing which is the equivalent of ordering from the factory. Ordering your metal roofing panels from Paramount Sheet Metal offers some benefits over ordering from the factory.


  1. Onsite fabrication offers ability to manufacture longer panels that can be transported or shipped, which also saves the customer on shipping costs.
  2.  Curving panels can be expensive to order and tricky to get the right radius. Paramount offers onsite panel curving to match exactly to the roof framing. 
  3. Quicker lead times: We offer quicker lead times than ordering from a factory  

Panel Profiles offered by Paramount Sheet Metal

  • 1″ & 1 ½” Mechanical seam double lock panel factory equivalent of Firestone UC-3

  • 1″ & 1 ½” Snap lock panel factory equavalent of Firestone UC-9

  • 1″ & 1 ½” Snap lock panel with integrated nail flange factory equivalent of Firestone UC-11

  • 1 ¾” Snap  lock panel factory equivalent of Firestone UC-14

  • 2″ Mechanical seam double lock panel factory equivalent of Firestone UC-6

  • 1″ Flush seam soffit or siding panel factory equivalent of Firestone UC-500

Pdf Link of panels and options availabe


Standing Seam Metal Roof Panel Profiles


UC-3 Roofing Panel is a factory formed double-lock, architectural standing seam metal roof panel that provides a traditional look and utilizes mechanical seaming to enhance design needs. With its proven high wind performance capabilities, UC-3 Roofing Panel can be curved and tapered to accommodate complex architectural geometry. It may qualify for our 30-Year Platinum Warranty.


UC-4 Roofing Panel is a self-locking, roof panel that due to it’s design removes the need for clips. UC-4 Roofing Panel’s profile integrates the fastening strip within the design while still allowing for movement due to thermal stress. Due to the panel’s easy snap-together seam  installation time is decreased which results in lower costs for the consumer. This panel may qualify for a 25-year Millennium Warranty or 30-Year Platinum Warranty.


UC-6 Double-Lock Panel is UC-3’s bigger brother, combining the doulble locking of UC-3 with a bigger panel rib, while still using a concealed clip assembly. This panel profile allows expansion and contraction due to the elements to be part of it design with the floating concealed clips resulting in a leak proof roof with exceptional uplift ratings. UC-6 Panels also have the ability because of the bigger ib to span up to 3′ openings between supports. And under certain qualifications and uses a 30-Year Platinum Warranty may be available.


UC-14 Snap-Lock Panel is a factory formed standing seam metal roof panel with a 1 3/4″ tall rib that snaps together for ease of installation. This panel also uses concealed clips for panel fastening. A 30-year Platinum Warranty is available for certain applications.

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