Paramount Sheet Metal supplies and installs a variety of different standing seam metal roofing panels, for both commercial and residential applications. Many of these panel profiles qualify for a warranty if under certain applications; which covers the entirety of the  roof for the duration of the warranty.

UC-3 Roofing Panel is a double-lock, standing seam metal roof panel that provides a traditional look and utilizes mechanical seaming in its design. It has proven high wind structural performance, the UC-3 Panel can be curved and tapered to the costumer’s specification or application. Which allows for complex roof geometry. A 30-Year Platinum Warranty is also available under certain conditions.
Below is an animation showing in greater detail the UC-3’s design and features: 
UC-4 Roofing Panel is a self-locking, roof panel that due to it’s design removes the need for clips. UC-4 Roofing Panel’s profile integrates the fastening strip within the design while still allowing for movement due to thermal stress. Due to the panel’s easy snap-together seam  installation time is decreased which results in lower costs for the consumer. This panel may qualify for a 25-year Millennium Warranty or 30-Year Platinum Warranty.
UC-6 Double-Lock Panel is UC-3’s bigger brother, combining the doulble locking of UC-3 with a bigger panel rib, while still using a concealed clip assembly. This panel profile allows expansion and contraction due to the elements to be part of it design with the floating concealed clips resulting in a leak proof roof with exceptional uplift ratings. UC-6 Panels also have the ability because of the bigger ib to span up to 3′ openings between supports. And under certain qualifications and uses a 30-Year Platinum Warranty may be available.
UC-14 Snap-Lock Panel is a factory formed standing seam metal roof panel with a 1 3/4″ tall rib that snaps together for ease of installation. This panel also uses concealed clips for panel fastening. A 30-year Platinum Warranty is available for certain applications.