Smith Ryerson Park Muskegon

Smith Ryerson Park Muskegon

This project was completed using Firestone U.C. 14 roof panels in 16″ width  in colonial red. The soffit and wall  panels were Firestone U.C. 500  12″ wide . The translucent windows were provide by Major Industries company This project featured a 20 year...

Standing Seam metal Roofing

Location: Personal residence in Jamestown, Michigan. Details: Complete roof tear-off of the existing shingles then installing .032 aluminum standing seam roof in patina green. Panels are double lock U.C. 3 profile with 16″ o.c. seams in continuous lengths. This...

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Location: Kalamazoo community college Details: Firestone U.C. 6 metal roofing panels over open framing. Material:  22 GA. steel in Bone white